Solo noise machine project. Native of Peru, Chrs. Galarreta explores life and its acoustics to create immersive and living experiences, experimental and decomposed songs, hacking the human perception of space-time, as a form of civil disobedience and social self-reorganization. Since 1995, he is very active in the South American underground scene. Since 1998 he is founder and member of the label Aloardi. His project Sajjra emerges from the depths of "Uku Pacha" in 2012 and is the result of a mix of mixed folk songs mixed with tropical sounds and experimental tablecloths.



EL ANIMA, the feminine and unconscious part of man, our goal is imaginary. EL ANIMA faces the low works of the world of shadows. We want to access AeNIMAL light a permutation; the same value, an abstract symbol of being. The solution exists in the interaction. We are a. EL ANIMA is not an aggregate of father or mother, brother, sister, uncle, tata or teachers. EL ANIMA, of course we are pals. Maybe why not? EL ANIMA manifests itself in the world of dreams, influences behaviors and interactions with the sound thing. EL ANIMA is ...this time


Performer and "Chaotic Virtuoso" of the bizarre and the abstract, Krapoola makes sound material from live / in situ recordings using contact microphones, which are then confronted / combined with pre-recorded sounds, via three decks: one at normal speed, the other in accelerated speed and a third in reverse mode.

Strangeness / confusion / post-dada post-fluxus / post-post ...



Aaron Jhis (SP), also known as Broojah K. Rocky BABA: performer and musician renewing each concert, each performance being unique. He exploits, combines and recombines the possibilities of his machines in an exploratory approach to vibration.



aka Rene Kote aka Muozik, aka Sewage Sound Polilog, founder of various elusive and geometric variable entities such as OPENCLOSE, GRUPA DIALOGU, ZMARSZCZKI, KAŻDY SIĘ ZMIEŚCI. Play on "nomadic instruments" (electronics + trumpet for example), starting "Void to create a polylogarithmic sound material that explores a prism opening the doors of the spirit to a territory where the demon of sewage eliminates entropy and domestic the raging fury of chaos. This new path paved with loops, modulations and sonic connections, releases an infinite energy capable of nourishing the spirit and the body of each of the beings who ventured into the dance." Holy shit!


19:00 – End

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